4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

If I (not/have) to work tonight, I would come to the restaurant with you.
You won't have indigestion if you (avoid) spicy food.
If I (be) you, I wouldn't eat that.
If I only (not/cause) damage to his car! He wouldn't be upset with me now.
Until you tell me what is wrong with you I (not/leave).
If my children ate more fruit, the (be) healthier.
If I knew how to cook, I (make) you pasta with red sauce and tuna.
If (not/study) harder, he won't pass his French exam.
If we (not/ get) lost, we would have been here long ago.
I (enjoy) the play if the lady behind me hadn't been talking all the time.
If I were you, I (go) to see the dentist.
If you hadn't eaten fish and cheese for dinner, you (not/get) red spots all over the body.

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