Составьте диалог о вашем неудавшемся отпуске (каникулах). В качестве примера используйте диалог ниже:

Andy: Welcome back, John! How was your holiday?
John: Don't ask! It was the worst holiday I've ever had.
Andy: In the Caribbean?
John: Yes. So many things went wrong!
Andy: Like what?
John: Well, for a start my friend left his passport at home. We had to go home and fetch it, so we missed our flight!
Andy: Oh no, how terrible! So what did you do?
John: Well, we caught the next flight ... which was delayed ... and then to make matters worse the airline lost my luggage.
Andy: Oh dear! Surely things were a bit better when you got there.
John: I wish! It rained every day! No one told us we were going in the rainy season!
Andy: What an absolute nightmare! Oh well, try to look on the bright side — it’s not safe to get a suntan these days anyway!
John: Huh! I'll tell you what ... I'm staying at home next year!

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