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The triumph of the amateurs.

Think of the last tune you kept humming for a whole day. Chances are that it was one of the big hits. Now think about the music. Does it have an electronic sound?
The use of electronic instruments has had a great effect on the development of 20th century music. Electronic instruments make use of a series of new techniques to produce sounds that are artificially generated. Such techniques include: distortion (the process of changing the original sounds by sending lots of signals to parts of an electronic system, usually used in heavy metal music); echo (the process of changing the original sounds by adding one or more repeats) and effects (the process of adding different effects). What is really impressive, though, is that with the development of music technology, you don't even need electronic instruments to make music!
The latest revolution in music is happening at home. Elizabeth Sharp from Brooklyn, for example, makes music in her apartment. She calls her studio The Rock Closet' and she records and mixes songs for her band with the help of an Apple Macintosh computer. Modern music making is largely based on the use of computer software programs, such as Reason by Propellerhead Software. Like Elizabeth, thousands of musicians around the world are taking advantage of this cheap, powerful technology. The technology is empowering people who aren't musicians to compose and distribute their own music, armed only with their creativity and enthusiasm! Why don't you give it a try, too?

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