3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive tense.

1. Nobody … (to see) him yesterday.
2. The telegram … (to receive) tomorrow.
3. He … (to give) me this book next week.
4. The answer to this question can … (to find) in the encyclopedia.
5. We … (to show) the historical monuments of the capital to the delegation.
6. You can … (to find) interesting information about the life in the USA in this book.
7. Budapest … (to divide) into two parts: Buda and Pest.
8. Yuri Dolgoruki … (to found) Moscow in 1147.
9. Moscow University … (to found) by Lomonosov.
10. We … (to call) Zhukovski the father of Russian aviation.

Английский язык. 10 класс. Учебник. Афанасьева.


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