3. b) Read again and give each paragraph a title. Выполните перевод.

Mineral Park — the ghost town.

Mineral Park is a town in the United States. It is called a «ghost town» because no one lives there anymore. It was a different town in the past though.
In 1871, 700 people lived in Mineral Park. There was a school, lots of shops, a post office, saloons, a doctor's, a hotel, a restaurant and even a weekly newspaper. It was a very busy town with lots of people but no cars. People travelled by train and on horses.
Lots of the people from Mineral Park, worked in the mines. After work they liked to spend their free time in the saloons and restaurants. Everyone was happy and wealthy, but all that stopped.
After 1887 Mineral Park started to change into a quiet town. Many families moved to other towns and the shops closed down. Some people tried to stay but there was nothing for them to do. By 1912, the town was nearly empty. Today, there are only a few ruined buildings left. People still visit Mineral Park though to get an idea of what life was like in the past.

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